Encounter the mystical characters along Cait's journey in Book 2 - the Irlyns, Lorcan, Ronan, Magnor, Clarjurgyn, and the powerful God-King Torlach.

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Chapter 1

          Looking up from the basin, Ebhan turned around and floated back to Aedan. Putting both of his hands on Aedan's shoulders, Ebhan closed his eyes and began to chant. As he did, ancient blue points of light began to surround them, moving and dancing until they joined as one large ball of light encasing them both into a field of pure power. Pulling them up into the air, the powerful energy vibrated causing Aedan's floating body to feel the electrifying coursing of the light spewing energy that tingled and pulsated at the same time. Having no control over his body, Aedan's mind began to flash rapid images of the past and unfamiliar images of the future, fear and anger flooding deeply into his emotions. Finally, the blue light gently lowered them both back down to the ground and disappeared. When it did, Aedan fell forward from the intense power's release and dropped to one knee onto the ground.

          Weakened by the supernatural burst, he felt his skin on his chest burning and saw that on his right side, he had been marked with the Crann Bethadh, the Celtic Tree of Life, one of the most sacred protection markings. On his left side, he was marked with the Serch Bythol, the ancient symbol of his love for Cait as his eternal soul mate. Both marks were rarely given, if given at all, and were gifted only by the Supreme Druid as true signs of warnings to those who would dare to challenge the bearer. Knowing the deep spiritual meaning of such marks, Ebhan had endowed Aedan with the powers of wisdom, protection, and infinite bond, everlasting symbols of the power of strength, rebirth, and eternal connection between Earth and the Heavens.

Chapter 5

         Just as fast as he was riding, the soldiers had him within their sights and seemed to be riding faster in pursuit of their targeted prisoner, a traitor to Lord Lorcan. Looking behind him, he could see them gaining momentum and he pushed his horse to go faster. With arrows flying all around him, his horse had reached its top gallop speed as Donal rode almost to his destination with his pursuers almost catching up to him, relentlessly tracking him as if prey. Donal was now a short distance away from the outskirts of the territory where he could see Aedan's men and their guard towers quickly giving attention to the chase that was unfolding.

         At break neck speed, Donal had finally crossed into Aedan's territory with the soldiers not far behind, unyielding in their quest. Totally immersed in their chase, the soldiers' focus was now met with flaming arrows into the ground in front of their horses and several hundred Galloglaigh warriors, faces painted with woad, and ready to do battle. With their horses rearing up from the fire, Lorcan's men begrudgingly stopped, irritated and angry to have been so close to capturing the traitor.

Chapter 15

         Ronan watched his men and Lorcan, wondering how he would be able to get out of this. If he deserted, then Lorcan would find him using his powerful magic and he would be dead or eternally tortured for leaving. If he stayed, he had to be careful and not forget to act like the others. He did not know why but the spells that Lorcan had cast over the soldiers did not seem to work on him but he was not about to act differently lest he be discovered.

         Sitting down with his men but somewhat further away, he took out an ancient Druid amulet that was given to him by his mother and father; both had been priests in the religion and believed in the power of protection spells. After observing all of the magical traps that Lorcan had encountered so far, he knew that the spells were more than likely cast by an apparently powerful Druid, probably the most Supreme Druid, Ebhan.