Cait finds herself suddenly moved with her soul mate to the mystical island of Tiarnas, a supernatural island that appears only once every seven years. Under the guise of imperial protection, she is now an honored guest of King Torlach, the God-King of the Supernatural Realm, the Otherworld and Underworld, Continuum, Parallel Timelines, and the Immortal Neiamhala. One of the six original gods created before the beginning of time, Torlach reigns above all around him except for one...Cait. Gradually falling under the hypnotic spell of Tiarnas, she discovers her true nature and of those around her...before it is too late.
In book 2 of the series, Cait is suddenly thrown into an incredible journey to a mythical and magical island of splendor and island of extreme wealth and power that silently absorbs everyone and everything in it. Encountering the Irlyns, Cairbre, and Prantylorian, she must fight for her rightful place in the greatest emotional cost of her life and to those she loves.