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As Cait has now lost everything, she must once again flee for her life. Finding out that what she had lost really was not, she must come to terms with her decision, self-doubts, and now another child. Moving between the Ogdoad, Eternal Authorities, Alcyone, and much more, life becomes even more complicated for her. Having lost her eternal soul mate, Cait begins to fear for her safety and the safety of her unborn child in the volatile world of the Ogdoad. Relying upon her empathic senses once more, she places her trust in the one person who cannot be corrupted and can challenge the deceit and tyranny of what she must leave behind. Beginning a new life on Alcyone, she is suddenly faced with the reality of what she had lost and the upheaval that ensues. Follow Cait on her journey as she must carefully maneuver her decisions and the life of her child within another supernaturally charged environment.

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