Living her normal everyday life, Cait had everything a woman would ever want; a career, a wealthy boyfriend, and a doting father who was her world. Her life began to quickly unravel once she found out that her boyfriend was married and then her father died. With the dramatic events pushing her empathic sensitivities to the brink, she took one sleeping pill to help her find some relief from the emotional chaos. But it would be a prophetic pill that would forever change her already unraveling future plans. Setting off a chain of uncontrollable events of supernatural encounters with just one pill, Cait was involuntarily pulled between unimaginable parallel timeline journeys and all that she once knew...a destiny that she never imagined possible. But sometimes, one's fate is already sealed.
In the first book of the series, K. Reagan Zell takes us on Cait's incredible journey between parallel timelines and through the emotional turmoil of understanding the true nature of her empathic gift; back and forth across her present timeline and 15th century Ireland, time is becoming short as she must choose wisely or change her destiny, purpose, and true soul mate...forever