Enter the World of The Beguiled West

Start book one in this engaging fantasy series

Every epic journey has a beginning, and you won't want to miss the start of Cait's story. "Beguiled Persuasion" introduces you to the world of "The Beguiled West" and its protagonist as she struggles to understand her empath powers.

After tragedy strikes, Cait is thrown into a magical journey between her time and 15th century Ireland. She learns about herself and how there's more to life than she previously thought. Join Cait on her journey by downloading a copy of "Beguiled Persuasion" by K Reagan Zell today.

Check all the boxes for your favorite tropes

If you're a fantasy or science-fiction lover, you're probably familiar with the popular themes and have some favorites of your own. In "Beguiled Persuasion", you can expect to find...

  • Magic. You'll learn how Cait grows in her empath abilities.
  • Romance. You'll meet two men who play a part in Cait's journey.
  • Time travel. You'll bounce between modern times and the past.
There's something for everyone to enjoy in this thrilling adventure. Start "Beguiled Persuasion" today.