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"The Beguiled West" series is a fantasy and science fiction adventure following the main character, Cait, as she faces new challenges with each book. Cait's life has not been easy, especially with her empathic abilities that she's never been able to control or understand. Her ability to unknowingly connect with others has scared yet puzzled her, always existing with déjà vu that never quite made sense in her life.

After her father died, Cait took one sleeping pill and so began her journey back and forth between her present timeline and 15th century Ireland. You'll follow Cait through time and to worlds unknown with each turn of the page. Purchase book one by K Reagan Zell today to get started or visit

Enjoy a dynamic cast of characters

A story's plot and world can be interesting, but it's the characters in "The Beguiled West" that you'll connect with. Some of the main characters include...

  • Cait:An empath who never understood her abilities and potential powers only to discover her true reality and purpose according to the decree of a higher power.
  • Aedan: A Galloglaith warrior commander, tenacious and fearless, never knowing his rightful origin until his true identity and destiny begin to unfold.
  • Marco: The ex-boyfriend who comes back into Cait's life, only adding to her confusion as unknown forces move her along her predestined journey of discovery and fate.
You'll be eager to learn how each character's arc progresses as the story unfolds. Meet the characters of "The Beguiled West" by grabbing a digital copy today on